Squire and the Scroll

A "brother" book to the Princess and the Kiss, this story is for the boys! Add the Life Lessons book and it's a great devotional for young boys too. The storybook tells the tale of a kingdom which holds the Lantern of Purest Light. The light brings peace and joy to all the people. When an evil dragon steals the lantern, the kingdom is thrown into despair, and many men are lost on the quest for the lantern. A good squire, who was taught by his parents from the scroll which contains the words of God, accompanies his knight on the quest. Through the adventure, the squire keeps the scroll close by and sticks to the words which lead him safely, and he is rewarded for his purity. The Life Lessons guide offers deeper discussions for after reading the Squire and the Scroll. It is divided into 21 lessons covering authority; guarding your eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet; forgiveness; protecting purity; and more. Each lesson has a discussion, squire's prayer, Bible verse, creative ideas, reading a Bible passage, and several discussion questions. It concludes with ideas for planning a squire ceremony for your son with a group or individually. Jennie Bishop's Christian living allegory storybook The Squire & the Scroll is now included with a read-along CD in the 10th Anniversary Edition. ~ Megan

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