Sing, Spell, Read & Write 1st Grade Student Books & Components

A long-time favorite, this excellent phonics program appeals to both the child and the teacher because of its enjoyment, ease of use, and effectiveness. The instructor's manual provides easy-to-follow directions and gives you the confidence to teach phonics. Consumable workbooks for the student not only include phonics practice and reading comprehension but also handwriting, spelling, grammar, and creative writing. Children love the catchy songs teaching letter sounds, long and short vowel sounds, blending vowels and consonants, and digraphs.

At Level 1, language arts skills are covered through a "raceway" theme with 36 steps to independent reading. The full-color decodable storybooks cover all 36 steps and provide great practice for the student to develop his new reading ability. Playing the games is another fun reinforcement activity to ensure real understanding of the phonetic skills. The two workbooks include grammar and creative writing as well as letter recognition, sequencing, phonemic awareness, phonics practice, manuscript writing, reading, comprehension and spelling.

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Grades: PK-1
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