Wonder Stix Placemats

Wonder Stix™ are like chalk without the dust, paint without the splatter, and markers without the stains! The nontoxic chalk crayons feature a twistable, cap-free design, and they write smoothly and boldly on almost everything – without drying out! Write on chalkboards, white boards, glass, windows, paper, wood, cardboard, you name it. While marks can be easily removed from all non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth, colors are permanent on wood, cardboard, paper, etc. With the Wonder Stix Placement Kits, you can use the drawing tools and mats for scratch paper in math, for doodling, or as a quiet read aloud activity – the possibilities are endless! Each kit features black plastic placemats and pastel colored Wonder Stixs™. Use adhesive to secure the mats to walls, tabletops, even the fridge, to create a variety of writing surfaces. Mats work with wonder stix, chalk, and chalk markers. With no caps, no dust, and no odor, kids of all ages will enjoy the freedom of Wonder Stix™! ~Sarah E

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