Kreative Komix CD-ROMs

If you're looking for a way to get your children to think creatively, or if you just want them to have some fun, check out this great program that allows you to create your own comic books or on-screen animations. This is actually a great tool for students who struggle with writing creative stories on their own; the potential for learning story sequencing and creating story starters or writing prompts is great. If nothing else, they'll have lots of imaginative fun without video games or television. Each set comes with a reference guide and a CD-ROM. Installation of the program is fairly simple and the program itself is incredibly easy to navigate. The program is designed to be used by a variety of ages, so younger kids can create a single-page graphic and fill in speech bubbles while more advanced users can make anything from multi-page comics to animated flash cartoons.

There are four basic parts to the program. Scenes Mode is the main part, where you choose backgrounds (or create your own), select clip art to add to the scene, add characters, place speech and thought bubbles, and more. Everything can be cropped, sized, and moved around easily, and there's a great selection of backgrounds, characters, and props to choose from. You can even make different figures in your scene move simply by clicking the "Animate" button on the screen! One of the other neat parts of the program is the Character Maker, which allows you to combine all kinds of character body parts and accessories to create unique people to use in your stories. There's even an option in this section to print out your characters to make stick puppets. In Layout Mode, you can take all the different scenes you created in Scenes Mode and compile a multi-page comic book. There are plenty of layouts and formats to use to keep your stories fresh and fun. Designers can then print out their book to add to their comic book collection, or use the Comic Player, which allows you to play your story on the computer and include animations and even sounds. There are many built-in sounds, and the computer can even read aloud all your speech and thought bubbles. You can even record your own speech or sound effects for a truly unique viewing experience. The possibilities are nearly endless.

There are many different themes, with over a 100 characters each. We offer Fairy Tale (a variety of fairy tales and fairy tale scenes), Super Hero (masked and disguised heroes and villains and a variety of action-packed settings), Science Fiction (weird and creepy looking aliens and creatures with a few humans and spooky or traditional sci-fi settings), and U.S. History (historical figures from American history and famous settings from colonial America, westward expansion, the Revolutionary War and more). These CD-ROMs work on both PCs and Macs. System Requirements: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, & Vista; Macintosh Classic 9.2.2, OSX 10.2.8 and higher; 64 MB RAM minimum (128 MB recommended), Quicktime. ~ Rachel

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