These captivating little word cards tell a story. You might think of a SnapWord as a word that is a picture literally the letters of the word stylized into a picture that captures the meaning of the word. Professionally crafted with a whimsical feel and yet with a consistency that shows the relationship between the words and also, to some extent, between the letters in the words. SnapWords are "sight" words or high frequency words from a variety of sources (Dolch, Fry and Fauntas & Pinnell) arranged into "lists" (groups of words) and printed on cards (4.25" x 2.75"). Each card features one word (large tube-type font). For instance, the word "both" shows a girl figure on top of the "b", another girl figure on top of the "h" and a boy figure on top of the "t" pointing to the two. The back side of each card lists a motion to illustrate the word ("Point to people on both sides of you.") and a sentence using the word in context. The 607 total SnapWords cards are collected into various "lists": seven lists from the various sight word sources (Lists A, B, C, D, E, F, & G) plus two that are nouns (N1 and N2), one of verbs (V), and a collection of numbers, colors, days, months, seasons (NCDMS). The various sets are also available as part of the grade level reading kits (larger 5.5" x 4.25" cards) or as SnapWord Pocket Chart Cards. If youre looking for reinforcement apps for your mobile, SnapWords has one for a minimal cost ($4.99 in 2017).

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