Kingdom Series

Capturing the attention of the young and the old, this is one series that you will find hard to put down. Its pages are filled not only with knights, swords, quests and everything else that makes a medieval tale great, but are saturated with biblical allegory. Through a storyline involving the Dark Knight and his plan to sabotage the King's attempt at restoring his kingdom, the reader will discover a much deeper message - the story of Christ. As you continue to read the series you will begin to see how the medieval tale represents the spiritual warfare we face today, future events, and the end times when the Prince will be victorious. Chapter discussion questions and answers are included in back of each book. All are soft cover, approx. 120-150 pages; by Chuck Black. We also offer the books in exciting, unabridged audio CD format. Entertainingly read by Andy Turvey and Dawn Marshall, the CDs feature multi-voice dramatization and occasional (but limited) background music and sound effects. Each audiobook comes on 3 CDs, run time is 3-4 hours. - Tasha

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