Just the Facts History DVDs

Bring U.S. history to life with these informative DVDs. Each DVD features a narrator telling the story of our country's most important documents and governmental functions. The narration is accompanied by illustrations, excerpts, photographs, maps, costumed re-enactments, and footage of historical places and events. Interviews with notable professors and scholars add additional depth to each presentation. Each presentation runs about 50 minutes.

The DVDs include many built-in "extras" to help enhance the learning experience. The printable PDF Teacher's User Guide contains an overview of the program, learning objectives, a vocabulary list, web resources, and biographical information about the experts appearing in each program. Other printable bonus features include complete text of source documents, featurettes expanding upon concepts mentioned in the presentation, and a multiple choice quiz. ~ Lisa

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Item # 044320
Grades: 7-AD
Retail: $14.98
Our Price: $12.50
Item # 044322
Grades: 7-AD
Retail: $34.98
Our Price: $27.95
Item # 044328
Grades: 7-AD
Retail: $24.98
Our Price: $20.50
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