Handbooks (Jolly Phonics)

The Phonics Handbook provides a year's worth of detailed lesson plans. Carefully thought out, it progresses systematically - introducing; then honing each skill. Instructions for each presentation are simple, straightforward and sensible. The bulk of the Phonics Handbook is all the reproducible material you will use in the program - Sound Sheets, Flash Card Sheets, Sound Book Sheets (children create a sound book as they go), Word Box Sheets (to make your own practice word boxes), String Joining Sheets (you'll probably want to reproduce on cardstock if using string OR use as matching sheets), Matching Letters, Words and Pictures cards, Sentence Sticking (really fun exercises), Letter Clue Pictures (practice word families), Reading Games, Missing Sound Sheets, Homework Writing Sheets, Tricky Word Sheets, and Alternative Spellings of Vowels. The Jolly Phonics instructional program can be just the minimum of the Phonics Handbook or you can add-on some or all the other course components - songs, DVD, workbooks, readers. The Phonics Handbook is available in either a print letter or precursive version. Other Jolly Phonics material is all print letters. 218 pgs.

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