Rite of Passage Parenting

Times have changed, society has changed, but God is unchanging and so is His Word. Walker Moore uses God's unchanging words as he shows how we can all be effective parents. He explains that in our society children have no 'rite of passage,' and as we switched from a farming society to an industrialized society our young people got lost in the shuffle. This 'rite of passage' is the point at which young people are no longer children, but adults. Mr. Moore likes to use John-Boy Walton as a comparison to the young people of today and to demonstrate how our society has changed.

Children need to understand who they are, which comes about through 4 essential experiences. Rite of passage, significant tasks, logical consequences, and grace deposits help to form young people into capable, responsible, self-reliant adults. History is full of examples of young people who walked away from their faith, even after their parents did what seemed to be the right things. Mr. Walker even cites the example of Peter and how he denied Christ after having the best teacher who ever lived. Mr. Moore feels that if you are reading his book, then you are looking for help and answers--this makes you a good parent. There is no such thing as a perfect child or perfect parent, but the goal of the book is to help parents "produce capable, responsible, self-reliant adults who are equipped for life."

Walker Moore is an interesting read, and his personal stories and examples are soul-bearing. I laughed out loud at times (those sitting around me will attest to this) and wanted to cry at other times. His life lessons with his own children, his youth ministries, and the Awe Star Ministry (which he founded) really allow him to speak from experience. It's easier to take advice from someone who has been there than from someone who just gives advice. Mr. Moore doesn't just tell you to 'fix-it,' he tells you how you can 'fix-it.'

If you would like to use this book as a small group study, there is a workbook available. The workbook is designed to cover a six-week period and each lesson includes an introduction, questions about the way things have changed in our society, a time of discussion about statistics and Bible application, practical steps and activities that help parents put the material into practice, and a brief devotional. These lessons have so much packed into them that you may want to take more than one week per lesson.

This paperback book is 256 pages of advice and encouragement for 'Rite of Passage Parenting.' There are no promises that our children will always make right choices, but the information provided in this book will help parents be proactive in training children for adulthood. ~ Donna

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