Story of Science (Joy Hakim)

With their typical lack of exciting narratives, science and math can be lost to children who may, at the same time, drink up literature and history. After all, science is often presented as a progression of science concepts to learn - and don't forget the list of vocabulary words! If this describes your situation and you're tired of dragging them through the three branches of science, why don't you spend a year studying the history of science? Your guide, Joy Hakim, who has already sparked the interest of countless young readers in history with her History of US series is ready to take you on a tour of scientific discovery from the earliest civilizations to the high-tech science of today. Now, if you're still thinking about History of US, push that thought away and instead imagine a set of hardcover books so gorgeous you could leave them on your coffee table. And beneath those glossy jacket covers you'll find a story so engrossing that you'll want to keep reading! We begin in the first chapter of Aristotle Leads the Way with the Sumerians and other Mesopotamian civilizations. Although the chapter is

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