Nonfiction Reading Comprehension for Common Core

Informational text can be tough. It doesn't always come "naturally" and it needs to be taught differently than fictional narratives. This series is meant to teach students how to strengthen their non-fiction reading muscle and focus on analysis. Each activity builds in complexity. There are 18 reading selections in each workbook, separated into scientific, historical, biographical and informational text. Kids learn to look for important concepts & ask and answer questions about the text. The questions are in 3 tiers of difficulty and are based on Costa's Levels of Questioning. While this book is specifically written for CCS, reading comprehension is nothing new. This series can be useful for students not in a school to become familiar with standardized testing language. It is also helpful for parents to know if your child is reading non-fiction text at his grade level or if they need extra practice beyond what you are using for ELA curriculum. Plenty of parent or teacher guidance is given at the beginning of the workbook and answers are in the back. Reproducible for a single home or classroom. Approx 50 pp, sc. ~ Sara

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