Spectrum Science 2008

At long last, there is a Spectrum series for science! Each of these full-color workbooks includes short lessons in life science, earth and space science, and physical science. Additional chapters also investigate science as inquiry, science and technology, science in society, and scientific discoveries throughout history. Grades 3-5 have seven lessons in these areas, while Grades 6-8 have nine. Lessons are usually two pages long, with a page of text on the left-hand page, and a page of questions on the right-hand page. The text reads like short articles on science, and because a wide range of topics are covered, there's something here for everyone - not just students who already love science. Questions are usually a mix of multiple-choice, short-answer, matching, true/false or long answer. Occasionally, an extension activity is also provided, such as researching the topic further, or doing an activity like trying to locate a planet in the night sky. For review and assessment, there are end-of chapter reviews, the multi-chapter tests, and a final test. Answer keys are provided in each one, and because the pages are perforated, you can remove it if you wish. With the mix of scientific information, real-life science applications, stories of scientific discovery, and lots of questions for each, these would be a nice supplement to a more informal science course at the earlier grades, or a very hands-on science course at any grade. - Jess

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