Principles, Theories & Precepts of Biology

Packed with interesting facts, anecdotes of famous scientists and discoveries, and straightforward explanations, this is an interesting an easy-to-use biology course. It is made up of 6 chapters of text, 6 activity books and a teacher's resource kit. The teacher's resource kit is available in .pdf format on CD-ROM, or as a digital download packaged with supplemental printouts. We also offer a full course kit which includes all the student and teacher materials (printed plus digital download). Topics covered include the scientific method, the chemical elements of life, biological chemistry, cell structure, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, mitosis and meiosis, the principles of heredity, DNA structure and replication, genetics, mutations, Darwin and the theory of evolution, the fossil record, Earth and how it supports life, biological classification, the kingdoms of living things, bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, and more. Although this course is not written from a religious viewpoint, evolution is carefully examined as a theory and its faults are discussed, leaving the decision up to the student. Completion of this course will fulfills most state requirements for one high school biology credit, or you may choose to add Precepts of Anatomy and Physiology for what may then equal two biology credits (requirements vary by state). - Jess

In this course, the publisher takes a bold approach by challenging popular theories through use of the scientific method, application of DNA, and recent research to point out strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories. Like all PAC courses, Biology may be completed in a classroom under guidance of a teacher, or through guided independent study with minimum student dependence on the teacher/proctor. The design of Biology texts and activities enables students to learn the material with or without oversight by an experienced science teacher. Lab projects are not required, but may easily be conducted as directed by the teacher/proctor. Laboratory experiments (actual or observations) may be added as needed to earn transcript credit. The Principles, Theories, and Precepts of Biology is laced with QR-Codes which can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet to access videos to further explain a topic or show an experiment. The videos are optional and students are not required to watch the videos to complete activities, quizzes, or tests.

The Principles, Theories, and Precepts of Biology is packaged in six soft-cover texts and six companion student activity books. This course is designed to satisfy most state requirements for one high school transcript credit. Students who complete the 90 lessons, 18 quizzes, and/or six chapter tests will have a strong foundation for college studies in science and theories about the origin of life.

NOTE: You can add our two chapters on Human Anatomy & Physiology to enable students to expand their Biology studies and/or select six of eight particular chapters needed to satisfy academic components stipulated by state standards for one transcript credit in Biology.

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