Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

One of the most popular software programs for learning and improving typing skills, this program's strength is that it is constantly challenging the user to improve their speed as well. And it works, with a combination of lessons and motivating games - all of which are tailored to the user's skill level. Mavis Beacon, your electronic teacher, keeps track of your progress, dynamically adjusts your progress based on performance, and guides you towards becoming a faster, more accurate typist. You can customize lesson plans based on age, typing ability, and progress. The Progress Tracker keeps track of speed, accuracy, words per minute, goals, and key proficiency, so you know exactly where you can improve. Each time you use the software, you pick up again where you ended previously. There are numerous user settings so you can select your goals, age, keyboard style, language (Spanish is an option in all versions plus French in Platinum.), and music preferences. The lessons are easy to complete, and a keyboard with semi-transparent hands at the bottom types along with you to show you which fingers should strike which keys. Interspersed at appropriate times are quizzes, tests, and breaks for games to help you practice your skills and track your progress. We have used this program (in a much earlier version) in our homeschool, and found it highly effective, especially in building speed.

The same reliable training is now in downloadable format with recent updates, including a GameZone element to increase speed and accuracy. Set and stay motivated to complete personal goals, speed and tasks. Life subscription licenses are sent via email with links (90 days to activate). The Personal Edition allows for 1 student on 1 computer only. The Family Edition provides 3 licenses for up to 3 computers, and 8 users with a management tool and parent guide. System Requirements: Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, Pentium® or AMD Athlon Processor, 1GB RAM, 980MB of free hard disk space, Video Card & Sound Card, DVD-ROM, keyboard & mouse, and speakers or headphones. Internet connection required (Broadband Recommended). Mac® OS X 10.8 10.12, Intel® Core Processor, 512MB RAM, 600MB free hard disk space, Video Card & Sound Card, DVD-ROM, keyboard & mouse, and speakers or headphones. ~ Ruth

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Grades: 3-AD
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