Conservation Science

Are you interested in wildlife and conservation? There is more to hunting and fishing than you may think. Preserving these resources for future generations is at the heart of sustainable conservation. This course can be utilized completely online and consists of a digital student text and 1 year of online access. Teachers/Parents have access to a digital teacher text with answers to all section questions, labs, activities, assessments, projects and worksheets. Additional teacher resources such as websites and videos correlate to the workbook topics. There is also a print version of the student workbook available which you can use along with the digital course. The student workbook is consumable and available separately in case you have additional students using the course. (Workbook is 2nd edition, not reproducible.)

The course can be done by a homeschool student independently, or used in a group setting and count as a high school science or an elective credit. Instruction is in the online course access, plus loads of interesting videos with field experts. You will learn the history of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation led by Theodore Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold, as well as modern day practices. Topics covered include: public lands and waters, private lands, pollinators, licenses, hunting, fishing, game/fish processing, trapping, archery, firearms, and boating. Students will be asked to do some real-life activities if possible. These include identifying plants and wildlife, boating knots, soil and water testing, and more. Occasionally, you will be asked to do additional research to find the most current data to answer some questions in the student worktext. - Sara

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