Beginning Public Speaking

Whenever you identify yourself as a Christian, you are a communicator for Christ. Teresa Moon has made it her life message and ministry to equip young people to be effective communicators for Christ. Beginning Public Speaking is the first step. Designed for elementary students, this material provides everything needed for an introduction to public speaking: lesson plans, assignments, tests, discussion materials and activities. The materials mention using DVDs to help with instruction. Unfortunately, these are out of print. The publisher assures that the program can be done effectively with just the Teacher and Student material.

The Teacher's Edition provides lessons plans for ten class meetings (usually 1.5 - 2 hrs. in length). The lesson plans alternate between class discussions and activities, and having the class participants prepare, give, and evaluate their own presentations. Each class meeting concludes with an assignment - usually preparing a new type of speech. The Student Workpack, which is not reproducible, includes activity worksheets, critique sheets, and event specifics for the following different types of speeches: impromptu, expository, humorous, and extemporaneous speaking; dramatic and humorous interpretations; and persuasive oratory. In addition to the lesson plans, the Teacher's Edition includes all material from the Student Workpack plus directions and needed materials for the activities. For instance, the Teacher's Edition provides three pages of impromptu speaking topics that the teacher copies and cuts out so students can draw from the pile and then speak on the selected topics. ~ Janice

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