Spotlight on Responding to Writing Prompts

Help your students become better writers with targeted writing practiceresponding to writing prompts. Each grade-specific book provides ten lessonswith writing prompts covering a variety of topics and writing styles. Forexample, students may be prompted to write about the scariest thing they everhad to do, or to explain their opinion on whether students should be requiredto wear school uniforms, or to write a book report. Each lesson includes theprompt, a writer's checklist, an unlined planning page for pre-writing (notintended to be graded), and several lined pages for the student to write theassignment in. Helpful suggestions and a sample prompt and response areincluded in the front of each book. Student books are not reproducible.

The Teacher's Guide includes general information about the SpotlightWriting Prompts program, instructions and suggestions for getting the most outof the program, a suggested schedule for completing the writing prompts, aresearch summary describing the effectiveness of targeted writing practiceamong educators, and scoring rubrics to assist in grading. The guide alsocontains reproducible evaluation forms, student and teacher assessment forms,and graphic organizers to assist students in their pre-writing activities. Ananswer key with sample student responses for each prompt is included in theback of each guide. ~ Lisa

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