Saxon Phonics Intervention

The author of Saxon Phonics has written this remedial program for older students who never received phonics instruction or continue to struggle as readers. For many years, public schools have scorned phonics in favor of sight reading and other experimental methods. Only recently have we begun to see a resurgence of phonics in the schools. Whereas only a handful of publishers produced phonics books or curricula several years ago, now every catalog I see has several "new" programs. It's amazing! However, there are still many students and adults who have "fallen through the cracks" and missed receiving proper instruction. I personally know several who permanently turned off to reading because of frustration in their early years. If you have an older student who is still deficient in these skills, this program will fill in all the gaps. While not comprehensive in scope, its 100 lessons provide a one-year in-depth course including phonics instruction, spelling, syllabication, dictionary skills, phonetic coding, reading comprehension, alphabetizing and vocabulary. Phonics instruction begins with consonant review and short vowels then covers blends, consonant digraphs, blends, long vowel constructs, sight words, r-controlled vowels, suffixes, vowel digraphs, silent letters, vowel diphthongs, several trigraphs, some affixes and the quadrigraph "eigh". Interspersed with the phonics lessons are lessons which focus on syllabication or spelling rules. Students don't just learn to decode in this course; they thoroughly analyze each word by rule, marking each with appropriate diacritical marks as an aid to reading. Like all Saxon products, continual review and regular, cumulative assessments (after every 6th lesson) help aid retention. Lesson plans are contained in the large, spiral bound Teacher Manual. As with the lower level program, the lessons are systematic and dialogued with clear instructions. Cumulative reviews and assessments are contained here as well, along with remediation activities, vocabulary tests, speed drills, and extensive reading, spelling, and vocabulary word lists. The consumable Student Workbook is both a reference book and a worktext. It includes coding and reading exercises, reading comprehension worksheets, tests, word lists, and other reference material. Classroom Materials consist of six decks of flash cards, an audiotape of phonetic sounds, and assorted blackline masters. All three are needed to use the program and are included in the Home Study Kit below.

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