Read, Reflect, Respond

Each of these 64-page workbooks contains 28 two-page lessons designed toadvance your student from reading for recall to reading to learn. Eachnonfiction reading passage is about a page in length and is followed by avariety of comprehension activities. For example, Level A covers high-interesttopics such as how to get a passport, unusual inventions that have beenpatented, and the Oregon Trail. The books cover an extensive range of readingskills including following directions, identifying main ideas & recallingdetails, summarizing, making comparisons, distinguishing between facts &opinions, identifying cause and effect, drawing conclusions, predictingoutcomes, making generalizations, and much more. Student books are notreproducible and do not include answers; the separate teacher's notes/answerkey (may be paper or CD format) is necessary. -Enh

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