Critical Thinking: Test-Taking Practice

Looking to improve reading skills? Gain critical thinking skills? Develop general test taking strategies and help your child/student become a more confident test taker? The best way to accomplish all of this is practice! It's not just memorizing facts; it's learning how to interpret questions on these tests that can help you get a better score in the end. Even if the only thing you accomplish with your test prep is reduce your child's anxiety about the exam, you have given them a huge gift. Being nervous can affect a child's scores dramatically. The questions are correlated to Common Core testing (standards are listed), but the principle applies to most standard state tests. Learn the difference between explicit and implicit questions, and practice making inferences and drawing conclusions after reading a passage. Every workbook has 3 practice tests (A/B/C) with 50 questions each. A bubble sheet with A-B-C-D to fill in can be reproduced for practice, and all answers are in the back. You will practice reading fiction and non-fiction and work on vocabulary. Reproducible for a single classroom, co-op or family. 96pp. ~ Sara

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