3-2-1 Learn Series

Teach and strengthen basic skills in your youngster with the fun, age-appropriate activities found in this series. Important skills for early learning are taught in the areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies. Stages of development are listed in the front of each book for that age group along with standards to help guide and measure your child's practice.

Children will trace lines, shapes, numbers and letters; count objects; use positional words such as up, down, etc.; compare sizes, shapes, and quantities; sort & classify objects; and name letters, numbers, and colors. In the areas of science and social studies they will learn about plants & animals, good care for their body, the five senses, families, jobs, transportation, and more. Books become progressively more difficult but they do cover similar topics and concepts. Directions are simple to follow and are printed at the top of each one-page activity. Pages may include coloring, circling groups, finishing a picture, connecting dots, or any variety of pencil/crayon-and-paper activities.

The black line activities in these 128-page books may be reproduced for a family or classroom. Provide engaging reinforcement for your little ones with this series. ~ Donna

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Grades: PK-K
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