Learn 'N Folders Lapbook CD-ROMs

Learn 'N Folders are lapbooks by another name - and a name that means creative, colorful graphics and easy-to-use assembly information. Each CD contains a pdf file that includes a layout guide, cover ideas (which can be quite elaborate if you choose - an embossed shield on the Prince Caspian folder, for instance), assembly and teacher guides, helpful hints, and answer keys right along with all the pages you need to complete the miniature books for the folder. Also included are lists of writing prompts and additional activities as well as book, film and internet resources. The pdf files allow for easy printing from both Macs and PCs. I would probably start by printing the complete file, then hole-punching the assembly and supplemental information to put in a binder for easy reference. Since this printing would include one set of "mini-books," you would be ready to start cutting and assembling. If you need to print additional copies for multiple students, this is easily done by tweaking the print page range to just the pages containing the mini-books. Be sure to have a good supply of color ink for your printer because the folder graphics are very colorful although everything is designed to be printed on white paper (I would choose a 24# paper for the mini-books). Graphics are a combination of realistic drawings that can be colored (various forest animals in the Bears on Hemlock Mountain folder) and well done artistic illustrations. Font selections are well-chosen and fit the study. Learn 'N Folders provide an organized and creative means for students to demonstrate and preserve what they have learned. Any family purchasing a CD-ROM may print copies as needed. Co-ops and classrooms need to check the publisher website (liveandlearnpress.com) for licensing fees and information. ~ Janice

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