Magic Mounts Removable Mounting Tabs

I have used these mounts for 10 years to put things on my classroom walls, on the walls in my home, and my daughter uses them on the walls in her dorm room. These ½" by ½" foam mounts have adhesive on both sides which hold tightly yet remove easily and cleanly. Use them in place of tape, tacks, magnets, staples, or putty. They are safe for photos, scrapbooks, and your children's special projects. Use them on any clean surface - concrete block walls, windows, drywall, paneling and finished wood. The amazing thing is that they won't damage paint or peel your drywall. The first time my daughter used these on her walls at college, her friends were sure she would have to pay fines for damages. They were all surprised when she rolled each mount off of the wall with no damage or residue - her friends now use them. Once you try these mounts, you will want to keep them as a staple for your home. - Donna

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