Incredible Journey Series

Join brothers Max and Sam, two young American boys who've recently found themselves swept up in a whirlwind of international mystery and adventure. It all began with spring break, when their mom announced that she and the boys would be joining their father on a business trip/family vacation in the Cayman Islands. What they thought would be a simple time of family fun turns complicated when mysterious boxes, addressed to the boys, showed up on their front porch just before they left.

Inside one of the boxes, the boys found an old leather journal with a cryptic, handwritten note saying, "Notes taken wisely can be of great use to you." In the second box, they found an old map dated October 1964, with the words: "Max and Sam's Incredible Journey Map" written at the top. The boys had no idea what any of these things meant, or where they came from; nevertheless, when the boys packed their bags for the Caribbean, they made sure to include the mysterious gifts.

In a flurry of excitement, Max and Sam accompany their parents, not only to the Cayman Islands, but also to Tahiti, Africa, and the Virgin Islands. For each place they visit, a random letter strangely appears on the map - first a "W," then an "I", then an "S" and a "D." What could the letters mean? Read all the books to unravel the mystery, and learn lots of valuable facts about geography, history, science and nature along the way! - Rachel P.

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