Dimensions Math (PK-8)

Using the familiar Singapore methodology found in Primary Math, Dimensions Math is a revision written to exceed standards for grades PK-8. Concrete to Pictorial to Conceptual, number bonds, and bar modeling are still part of the presentation and mental math strategies are still present. Meet Emma, Dion, Sofia, Alex, and Mei at the PK level as they escort your students through lessons in the elementary grades that incorporate bright, colorful animations to demonstrate concepts. Lessons build on prior knowledge and are presented in the Textbooks by introducing concepts in an accessible way. PK-K level textbooks are consumable; levels 1-5 are non-consumable. Using a mastery approach, students will get plenty of practice at the time of presentation.

Workbooks offer practice with a variety of exercises to reinforce the concept taught in the text. Teacher Guides include teaching notes and activities for a class or small group to reinforce the lesson content, answer keys, math literature selections, and more. Just like Primary Math and Math in Focus, each level consists of A and B books (two semesters) using a textbook, workbook, and teacher guide.

There are 3 different divisions of the Dimensions Math curriculum: PK-K, 1-5, and 6-8. While not aligned specifically to Common Core Standards, this series covers and exceeds the standards with some of the information found in the teacher guides.

The Textbooks offer bright graphics in the lesson presentation. Each lesson includes a real-life situation, discussion, exploration, use of manipulatives (optional) and systematic written practice. The five friends – Emma, Dion, Sofia, Alex, and Mei – offer prompts, questions, and a bit of guidance within the lessons. The PK and K textbooks are intended to be written in, and use art, music, and more to help children learn the concepts, with objectives printed at the bottom of each page. Levels 1-5 are considered non-consumable and it is intended for the student to write on their own paper; although there is probably enough space in the textbook for the student to write, you may not want to have to buy a new text for your upcoming students.

The Workbooks at the PK and K levels are full color, perforated pages, and are a bit more engaging for younger learners; level 1-5 workbooks are grayscale. The workbooks offer practice of the concept presented in the lessons found in the textbook. Workbook exercises include basic problems, practice problems, and challenging problems.

Teacher Guides are spiral bound and hardcover for grades PK-6. Printed in color, the teacher guides include an explanation of the approach and framework of this series, a list of the available materials, and online resources. There is also an explanation of how to use this well-laid out resource and a scope and sequence. A chapter overview and suggested lesson schedule is found at the beginning of each chapter, along with a chapter explanation, materials list, blackline masters (found online), and suggested storybooks. At the PK and K levels each chapter is divided into lessons, and each lesson (in order) includes objectives, lesson materials, Explore, Learn, Small Group Activities (Textbook pages used and activities), and Extend. Explore introduces the match concepts using activities. Learn is a summary of the main concepts in the lesson and includes exercises and group activities. Extend expands what was done previously in the lesson in the hope of reinforcing and building confidence with the concepts. At levels 1-5, lessons include Chapter Opener, Think, Learn, Do, and Brain Works. Chapter Opener provides discussion to introduce the concept. Think offers suggestions for methods and activities to discover how to work problems in the text. Learn helps the teacher analyze the student’s methods. Do expands on specific problems. Brain Works are opportunities for lesson expansion. The grade 6 Teacher Guides includes a suggested lesson schedule for each chapter, and each lesson includes instructional material for the teacher/parent, small format student pages, and answers. The teacher guides are easy to follow and the format is clear enough for even a beginner parent/teacher.

Online Resources are available for PK through 5B at the publisher’s website, dimensionsmath.com. There’s no complicated set-up or log-in, just go to the website and print the blackline masters that you need. The blackline masters are used for various activities in the lessons. Other online resources include videos and music for PKA, PKB, and KA, projection images for classroom use, material lists, extra activities for students who need more practice or extra challenge, standards alignments, scope and sequence, and letters home for classroom teachers.

Tests are also available for evaluation of student progress.

Levels 7 and 8 of Dimensions Math have no teacher guide, as in previous grades. There are four books per semester at these levels: textbook, workbook, workbook solutions, and teaching notes and solutions. Textbooks are in color and include instruction directed to the student. Teaching Notes and Solutions offer a page of notes per chapter and full solutions to problems in the text – activities, “Try It,” Further Practice, Math@work, Brain Works, and Review exercises. Workbooks are black and white and offer more practice of the lesson concepts. Workbook Solutions are the fourth book and provides all workbook solutions. Levels 7 and 8 cover the topics found in the common core state standards. There are no tests for the 7 and 8 levels, but you could use the Review Exercise found at the end of the chapter as an assessment.

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