Words of the Week

Combining picture studies, copy work and vocabulary, this charming series from Queen Homeschool provides older elementary and middle school students with an excellent resource for that "next level" of learning, Charlotte Mason style. Each volume contains 18 weekly lessons (approximately one semester) and features a unique photograph with the word of the week, definition and synonyms. The following daily lessons provide sentences related to the picture for copy work. These sentences include either the vocabulary word to be learned or one of its synonyms. Some of the copy work sentences are open-ended questions which can lead to additional writing exercises for the student or be used orally for younger students. Worth noting is that the volumes are designed to be completed in order, but the words do not increase in difficulty through the higher volumes. KJ Scripture references and other Christian sentiments are included. A wonderful concept for vocabulary in a real-life context, I am disappointed to see an occasional misspelled word - for example "intruige" instead of "intrigue" in volume 5 (it appears correctly on the next page), although innovative parents may use this as a practical teaching moment. Spiral bound. 39 pgs. ~Deanne

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Grades: 4-6
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