If you crossed the word definition fun of Balderdash with the zanycreativity of Squiggle games, you'd probably come out with something likeYamodo! Each game consists of small squares of paper with a made-up word at thetop, a doodle starter in the middle, and a few lines at the bottom of the page.In no particular order, you are invited to make up a definition for the word (acreature, an object, event...) and doodle it using the lines provided on thepage. While you could play solo, the manufacturers suggest that you start thedefinition and sketch then pass it on to the next player who adds more detailsand another line of description! Both games are so compact you can take themwith you or keep them on your desk for when inspiration may strike. Volume 1contains 150 cards, two pens and a cardboard holder, while the Good to Go!version is more designed for travel with 120 spiral-bound and perforated cardsand one pen. Whether you're an artist or a creative wordsmith, you'll enjoythis pick-up-and-go game. - Jess

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

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