Exploring Handwriting Through... (His Story Handwriting)

Copywork is an opportunity for your student to practice their handwriting using meaningful content rather than random sentences often seen in a practice workbook. These books from HisStoryHandwriting use the King James Bible. All books include scripture, and some are exclusively scripture. Each book begins with individual letter instruction and practice of upper and lower case letters. Then you get into the lessons which begin with a page of vocabulary words needed to understand the text. Your student is shown a line of text (with a top, bottom and midline) and they write their version directly below each word. They have to mimic the spacing as well as the lettering. Each sentence can take between 2-4 lines and some of the words in the student lines are dotted for tracing (even at the cursive level.)  The print books have wider lines at 1cm, while the cursive books lines are 0.5cm wide. The look of the writing is a traditional style, meaning it has ball and stick letters in the print and the cursive has a slight slant and is not too loopy. Students appreciate meaningful practice. The vocabulary alone is worth using these as a supplement to your school day. You can then pull some of the words for a spelling/vocab test at the end of the week. Have the kids incorporate the content into a writing/journal assignment. You don't have to be studying "astronomy" in science class to add an astronomy handwriting book - it can be a complementary topic and add some variety to the course. The publisher recommends 15-20 minutes a day, or 15-30 minutes 3x a week. All books are spiral bound and printed on both sides of the page. Not reproducible. The more expensive books have 396 pp, and the smaller books have 112 pp. 8.5" x 11". ~Sara

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