How many stories can fit in a box? The Storymatic is chock full of them, a portal to creativity in a small package. The box contains 500 cards, divided into two colors. The rules are incredibly simple - draw two cards of one color to make your main character, two card of the other color for the situation, and use them to create a story. Le's say you drew "department store Santa" and "mascot for a professional sports team?" There's your character! Now what happened to him? "Lonely during the holidays" and "Attacked by squirrels on a rollercoaster." Now tell the story, keeping to only two guidelines - the main character has to change, and you have to keep him alive. The Storymatic can be used as a party game, a travel game, or as a very interactive story starter for writing. The included booklet has plenty of ideas for variations on play. Go tell a story! ~ Mark

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Grades: 4-12
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