Hot Dots Laugh It Up Vocabulary Cards

Use these funny game cards with your Hot Dots Pen (not included.) Kids touch the black dot near the correct answer and they are rewarded with a glowing green light. If they are wrong, the light appears red. An instruction guide with answer key is included with each set. Lively animation with silly scenarios make these activities fun for kids while they practice skills that will make them better readers and writers. In the Homophones set, kids are asked to choose the right word to fit in the blank. Here is one for you: "The angry king had (throne/thrown) his (throne/thrown.) Now his highness must atone!" These are great for building vocabulary and can be done with a parent/teacher or independently since they get instant feedback from the pen. You can use these without the pen since you do have an answer key, but it's pretty fun to watch the pen light up red or green. ~ Sara

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Item # 050895
Grades: 2-4
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