Rainbow Starter Packages (with Christian Content)

Christian Starter Packages provide a strong foundation in Reading with Horizons Phonics and Reading (K-2) . Grades 3-8, transition to literature-based language arts with Learning Language Arts through Literature. Spelling is included with MCP Spelling Workout or Building Spelling Skills in gr. 1-6. Simple, effective handwriting workbooks are included for systematic instruction in grades 1-2.

Math with Confidence (K-3) transitions to Saxon Math in Grades 4-9. Suggested Math Manipulatives are included.

Apologia or Master Books Science courses provide a survey of the sciences from a Young Earth perspective. Lab Kits included when available.

In K-2, Master Books Social Studies provides a child-friendly introduction to the world around us. Grades 3-4 introduce the literature-rich Notgrass History, with Alpha Omega Lifepacsfor middle school.

In 9th grade, literature and writing from Sharon Watson provide conversational, Biblical-centered instruction. Master’s Biology is a college preparatory program offering a full lab experience (lab supplies not included) or a simplified approach using home labs and book based microscopic labs. US History and Algebra round out the essential high school subjects.

You can follow links below the package graphics for complete reviews of each of the included products.

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Grades: K
Retail: $405.62
Our Price: $297.00
Item # RBW1ST
Grades: 1
Retail: $399.29
Our Price: $286.00
Item # RBW2ND
Grades: 2
Retail: $525.58
Our Price: $398.00
Item # RBW3RD
Grades: 3
Retail: $342.79
Our Price: $238.50
Item # RBW4TH
Grades: 4
Retail: $433.50
Our Price: $293.00
Item # RBW5TH
Grades: 5
Retail: $593.51
Our Price: $421.00
Item # RBW6TH
Grades: 6
Retail: $687.21
Our Price: $495.00
Item # RBW7TH
Grades: 7
Retail: $586.18
Our Price: $427.00
Item # RBW8TH
Grades: 8
Retail: $603.62
Our Price: $431.00
Item # RBW8UP
Grades: 8
Retail: $620.47
Our Price: $441.00
Item # RBW9TH
Grades: 9
Retail: $685.84
Our Price: $450.00
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