Buddy Readers (Scholastic)

Kids need practice with reading. There’s no doubt they’ll want to with these high-appeal Scholastic guided reader sets. Each set includes twenty 16-pg, 5”x 6” readers. Focused on fiction, sets are further divided by story theme. For example, a group of five books relay adventures of a Tiny Giant (Level B) or cave children (Level D). Level E introduces an alien; (Level F), a unicorn (4 books each). Levels E and F are combined in one set and include 16 readers. To help students engage with their reading, each Reader set includes a pamphlet with tips to use before, during and after reading, with a reading skills checklist to assess their progress. Additionally, 16 story-themed stickers encourage progress; a mini, consumable book equally provides comprehension questions and brief extension writing and creative-thinking activities. All components fit in a cardboard carrying case with a plastic handle. ~ Ruth

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