Phonic Dictation

This sounds like it's going to be all about phonics, doesn't it? While this series does provide phonics review, there's so much more. Organized according to phonics patterns and using methodologies normally associated with Charlotte Mason and Classical approaches - dictation and copywork - these books provide step-by-step activities/exercises that help students apply phonics skills to extended reading and writing tasks. Reading practice and comprehension, editing and proofreading (spelling and punctuation), handwriting practice, and listening practice are segmented into daily tasks based on one high-interest (secular) reading passage. For instance, in one of the 60 lessons in the Grades 4-5 book, the passage is on laughter. Task 1 is reading practice (average 40-60 words), Task 2 is reading comprehension (illustrate the story and label "au" words), Task 3 is finding and correcting 15 spelling or punctuation errors in an incorrectly written rendition of the same passage, Task 4 is copying the story (best pencil grip, writing posture, and letter formations), and Task 5 is dictation (listening, then writing the passage correctly).

This is an easy-to-use book. Teacher prep is practically non-existent (you will need to provide worksheets for the copying and dictation tasks from the reproducible templates provided). There are some introductory helps for the teacher - notes on the tasks, an overview of the series, program placement test, teaching tips, and a handout on writing posture and pencil grip (of the sort usually found in handwriting books). After that each lesson is laid out in a two-page reproducible spread. [Teachers have permission to copy pages as needed for one classroom.]

I can think of many uses for this series - as a grade appropriate phonics review or as a language arts supplement with drawing, handwriting practice and listening skills thrown in for good measure. Each book has 60 lessons. 141 pgs, pb ~ Janice

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