Grammar Handbook

Just grammar, usage, and mechanics, please. That's what this straight-forward course provides. Coverage is thorough and comprehensive; presentation is color-coded and pleasing to the eye; and exercises are designed as quick-checks and reinforcement. Coverage includes parts of speech, basic sentence parts, phrases/clauses, effective sentences, verb usage, pronoun usage, agreement, using modifiers, problems in usage, capitalization, and punctuation. Instruction (with rules stated clearly) is in small chunks with numerous examples followed by two sets of practice exercises. Suggestions for speaking and writing applications accompany the practice sets. There is no diagramming but color-coded highlighting serves much the same purpose allowing the student to see clearly what "role" each word is playing in a sentence. Cumulative Reviews are periodic. The Grammar Handbook is non-consumable so the student will need to be prepared to write his answers on a separate piece of paper. This is a grammar-only course and would make an excellent add-on to a literature/writing course or as a refresher for standardized (or ACT/SAT) testing. A Writer's Resource section in the back of the book briefly reviews the writing process and forms of writing. Another end-of-the-book resource provides help for ESL learners.

Homeschool Bundle includes the hardback Grammar Handbook and the Grammar Handbook Answer Key (answers to all practice exercises and cumulative reviews). This series is similar to the grammar portion of another series from Prentice-Hall - Writing and Grammar. In fact, the instructional sequences in the two books are the same. In general, the font size in these books is larger and both the examples and practice exercises seem to be less complex even when attached to identical concept instruction. In a few instances, instruction in the W/G series goes slightly beyond that of this series. An example would be the coverage of verbals and verbal phrases, a section that is more expanded in the 11th grade W/G series and "just mentioned" in the 12th grade GH series. ~ Janice

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