Writing Research Papers: Essential Tools

Some might have thought there was a "hole" in the IEW line-up of writing instruction. But no longer! If your students have proven adept at writing essays but not quite made the jump into research-based writing, perhaps it's because you've been "waiting" for this course. Regardless, I'm sure I'm not the only one that is happy to see a detailed instruction manual for research papers coming from IEW. I'm especially thrilled to see such thorough and comprehensive step-by-step instruction through three increasingly difficult levels of research papers - beginning (11-12 week course covering essential writing tools), intermediate (9 week course covering essential research tools), and advanced (a stand alone course covering advanced research tools). A teaching time schedule is provided for each of these three parts. The topics you would expect are here - note-taking, outlining, thesis development, citations/quotations, plagiarism, revision. But some topics you don't always see are here as well - "prompt" analysis, evaluating online research, and incorporating style, for instance. The Teacher Book is written with the idea that the teacher/parent may not consider writing to be her strength - providing detailed lesson plans that interweave with the information in the Student Book for each topic/lesson. A four-step teaching methodology is employed: preliminary instruction, modeling, practice with help, and on your own. Grading rubrics for specific skills are provided as well as general philosophical information on grading papers. A satisfying number of models are provided to help the insecure paper-grading homeschool mom/teacher (Yay!). The Student Book, written directly to the student in Lesha Myers' warm, personal style, is also a worktext and reference manual. Appendices include teaching models from the various chapters. Purchase of the course e

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