Nonfiction Writing

Who says that effective writing programs are always expensive? This grade specific series provides teacher-guided instruction (easy to follow, scripted lesson plans, writing models) with reduced copies of student pages (answers filled in) as well as some 80 reproducible (for a classroom) activities (that's one for every other day) all in one reasonably priced book. Coverage varies at grade levels but is focused on different types of expository writing (summaries, biographies, essays, news articles, research report, and response to literature), persuasive writing (letters, essays, editorials, pro-con), and narrative writing (personal, creative). The younger grades (2 & 3) also include some general instruction on sentence and paragraph construction. Within the lessons there are stylistic and mechanics specifics (quotations, avoiding bias, listing references, transitions, etc.). In general - over the course of the five years - the writing process and the various forms of writing as well as the traits of good writing are covered thoroughly. 160 pgs. pb ~ Janice

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