Spectrum Early Learning Flash Cards

Each of these 100-flashcard sets includes colorful 3" x 6" flash cards for helping your young ones learn some of their basic skills. Two cards in each set includes game suggestions.

Colors & Shapes presents six shapes in twelve different colors and three different sizes on one-sided cards. There are 26 cards with find-the-shape activities on both sides. Play games to develop color and shape recognition, category match up, shape search, color fish, memory match, and more.

First Words includes 78 one-sided, picture/word cards - each card has one word with a picture of the object. There are also 20 cards with sets if rhyming words - one word with picture on the front and two more words with pictures on the reverse. Play games like rhyming catch, word recognition, sound memory, word fish, and more.

Letters & Numbers has 52 double-sided letter cards - one card for each upper and lower case letter of the alphabet. Each letter card shows the letter with an object that begins with that letter and an object on the back as well. For consistency, the same object is shown on the front of both the upper and lower case cards - this helps children to make the connection between the letters. 46 number cards are also two-sided - numbers zero through ten with the numbers on one side and number word on the back, numbers 0 through 25 with that number of objects on the reverse, and tens cards (10 - 90) with the number on the front and the matching number of ten-frames on the back. Game suggestions include sound search, letter drills, number recognition, draw a number and more.

Create your own games using these sets, add them to your curriculum, or leave them out so children can play on their own. Spectrum has some good supplementary workbooks for early learning, and these flash card sets would be a good complement to them. ~ Donna

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Grades: PK-1
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