Storytime Sticker Series

A good sticker book can do wonders for creative story-telling. All of these books have about 100 reusable stickers for arranging however you like on illustrated pages. The full-color pages have themed scenes and a few lines of easy-to-read text that tells somewhat of a story about the scene but really leaves things open for the child to interpret. Throw a fairy-party! Give horses the credit they deserve! Get the first place prize for the best car in show! Make the flower girl the star of the wedding! It's up to you! The standard books have about 16 pages and 100 stickers, but we also offer a few combo books. The combo books include the sticker stories from six of the regular-sized books. The Super Colossal Book of Storytime Stickers is girl-themed, as it includes the sticker stories Enchanted Princess Castle, Unicorn Games, Flower Girls, Magic Fairy Forest, Undersea Adventures, and Horsing Around. Stickers are reusable, so when handled carefully, are able to be placed in the pages numerous times without getting old. Definitely a fun way to let kids be creative and have some sticker fun. ~ Janine

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Grades: PK-3
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Grades: K-2
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