Laura Ingalls Wilder Series

Many people know and love Laura Ingalls Wilder through her Little House on the Prairie book, but after reading these three books you will truly know and love Laura Ingalls Wilder just for the amazing woman she was! Many of you probably don't know it, but before she was a best-selling author she was a journalist. The first volume contains some of the newspaper articles she wrote from 1916-1924 that focus on the importance of wisdom and virtues. In her second volume, you will learn directly from Laura what life was like living as a pioneer in the early 1900s and what daily life was like for her personally. Through the third volume you will learn what Laura was truly like through the eyes of her family, friends, and neighbors. Each of these little books has 110+ pages and contains black-and-white photographs of Laura and her family. These are delightful reads for any Laura Ingalls Wilder fan! - elise

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