Origami Folding Paper

Infuse life and variety into your paper-folding hobby with these lovely paper squares. Two sizes to choose from, 6"x 6" squares or 6 3/4" squares. The pastel set contains 24 assorted pastel colors in lilac, butter yellow, light salmon, robin egg blue, and sea foam green. These squares are double-sided, with a different color on either side.

The patterned set contains 48 sheets in five colors with a pattern printed in white. The colors are orange with a white starburst, red with white flowers, green with white snowflakes, blue with white flowers, and yellow with white flowers. The reverse side of these squares has a solid color (the same color as the front side). A sheet of gold foil is also included.

Each set includes a pamphlet explaining common folds and creases used in origami, and how to make them. It also includes folding instructions for several patterns, such as a simple swan, a pig, a tortoise, a samurai helmet, a rowboat, and a star box. ~ Rachel P.

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