Author's Purpose Writing Prompt Cards

These supplemental full-color 8"x6" cardstock cards provide writing prompts in three areas: persuasive, informative and entertaining writing. One side features a full color picture and the opposite side offers one prompt for each category. An example from the Grades 2+ pack shows a boy making a face at a dinner plate containing fish, broccoli and carrots. Prompt One (Persuasive) states: "Imagine your parents gave you fish and vegetables for dinner. You don't like fish... Write what you would say to convince your parents to let you eat whatever you want." Prompt Two (Informative): "Write a healthy dinner menu." Prompt Three (Entertain): "Entertain and write lyrics to a song about having to eat a food you don't like." Although designed for classroom and learning centers, these would be beneficial for homeschool families seeking to stimulate their children's creative thinking and writing. Each pack contains thirty-two writing prompts in grade specific areas. ~ Deanne

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