Sculpt It! Air Hardening Sculpting Material

No more dealing with messy clay! This little re-sealable plastic tub comes with two pounds of versatile, non-toxic, white sculpting material that you can sculpt, mold, or shape and then let air dry overnight. Once dry, it has a ceramic-hard, durable finish that can be painted, varnished, sanded, or drilled. As an added plus, this sculpting material resists crumbling and won't stain clothing. Great for making jewelry, figurines, or sculptures with either detailed or smooth surface finishes. Please note that you must be careful to store unused portions back in the air-tight container, as it will dry out if left uncovered. We've tested it and give it two thumbs because it dries very durably and looks great! Get ready for the ultimate sculpting experience without the mess. - elise

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Item # 036743
Grades: PK-AD
Retail: $21.17
Our Price: $14.50
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