Force Meters

These tubular push/pull spring balances are similar to the Spring Scales we carry but offer even more experimental possibilities. Like the other scales, they are made from durable clear plastic to show off the spring action, are color-coded, come calibrated in both Newtons and grams, can be used on inclined planes or to weigh suspended objects, and work with both force and mass measurements. In addition to all that, they also feature a "push rod" that sticks out the top of the device so it can measure forces in two directions using both spring compression and extension. So, you can not only weigh suspended objects like conventional spring scales, you can also measure the force of pushing or pulling an object. The flat face on the push rod can be written on using a wipe-off marker so students can even create their own scale of measurement. The tube scales are 27cm tall and about 2.5cm in diameter. They are available in a variety of color-coded measurements; for example, the Blue scale measures up to 250 grams or 2.5 Newtons, the Green measures up to 500 grams or 5 Newtons, etc. These are great for many kinds of experiments and an instruction and ideas sheet is included. ~ Rachel

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Item # 030678
Grades: 8-AD
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