Mastering the Standards: Mathematics

These inexpensive, no-nonsense books are ideal for test preparation or ensuring you've covered all the bases at the end of a school year. Each book has a detailed table of contents which lists the broad skills that make up the mathematical standards, and individual worksheets in each section that test student understanding of the individual benchmarks in that skill area. For grades K-6, skills areas include: number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability. Each skills section begins with a page of detailed standards information for the teacher and a mastery check test. The teacher information includes a list of mastery benchmarks, a list of math vocabulary words students should know, and some general suggestions on teaching the skill at that grade level. Mastery check tests or practice assessments, as they are called at the upper levels, include a mix of problems in the skill section so it's easy to see where reinforcement is needed. Perforated, single-page practice worksheets on specific topics follow for extra practice where needed. The format varies a bit with the higher level books. For Algebra and Geometry, one general page of teacher and test-taking information is provided at the beginning of the book only, although practice assessments are still provided at the beginning of each section. A bound-in but perforated answer key begins at the very front of the book and may continue at the very end. Books are reproducible for your own use and 62 pgs, pb. - Jess

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