DIVE CLEP Professor for Math

Our kids have all gone on to a four year college out of high school, some to the University of Illinois and some to Western Illinois University. This year, Mark was accepted at both. When comparing the approximate cost of college to 10 years ago when Jessica our oldest started college, we found that the cost has nearly doubled. So it makes sense to shorten the time, and therefore money, that it takes to get that college education. One way of doing that is the CLEP test; by passing, the student receives credit (typically

3 or 4 semester hours) for having passed the course. DIVE, the people who bring you

the Saxon Math lessons on CD, are now offering training to help you pass the College Level Examination Program tests. The time frame for using one of these courses

is usually three to four weeks. First, the student takes the preparatory high school course. Then take the CLEP Professor diagnostic test, which determines what CLEP Professor lessons are needed. During lessons, the student takes notes and works problems, just like in a regular class. Instruction is given by Dr. David Shormann, who is also the instructor on the DIVE into Math CDs. Dr. Shormann has 15 years of experience teaching math and science at the high school and college level. At the end, the student works 10 to 15 practice problems to make sure that they understand the material. Step by step solutions

are available to check the work. When all lessons are completed, a practice CLEP exam is given. Missed problems are keyed to the lesson where that concept was taught, so immediate review and clarification is provided. Three practice tests are included. When the student gets a sufficient score on the practice test, he is ready to take the CLEP exam.

This concept is a great idea if the college that the student will attend gives credit for CLEP testing. This is not always the case, so you should check with the college ahead of time to make sure that this will be of benefit.

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