School-Rite Handwriting Guides (Stencils)

These durable, clear acrylic stencils help students learn proper letter formation with consistent size and proportion. Each guide features the letters A-Z in either uppercase or lowercase, with numbered directional arrows indicating proper stroke patterns. Each guide features 1" ruled baselines and dotted midlines. The handwriting on each guide progresses from the straight-line printing of the manuscript guide, to traditional cursive guides. The transitional guides bridge the gap between the two styles, the transitional manuscript being slightly slanted, with a few connective strokes, while the transitional cursive is still more slanted, but with more simplified connecting strokes than the letters on the traditional cursive guide. Each guide comes with two #2 pencils. Rachel P.

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Item # 042970
Grades: PK-K
Retail: $18.95
Our Price: $17.06
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