Phonics Pocket Chart Card Sets

Can you keep a secret? You can use these inexpensive pocket chart card sets even without a pocket chart. In fact, they make very versatile and sturdy language arts manipulatives. Take the Alphabet-Letter set, for example. You get 126 double-sided cards - not just flimsy cardboard cards, but nice, 3" square laminated stock (this means you could also write and wipe on them if you wanted). Cards have uppercase letters on one side, lowercase on the other. Consonants are in blue, vowels in red. Some of the vowels are even marked with a line or breve to indicate whether they should be long or short sounds. You can use these for flashcards, matching, memory games, word-building, making word families, making an ABC stepping-stone game - the possibilities are intriguing. Of course, you can also use them in any of the pocket charts we carry. The manufacturer also includes a nice activity guide, suggesting eleven MORE suggestions (some of these are even more creative than mine!). The Beginning Sounds set is equally exciting. It has just as many cards AND a helpful idea guide, but these cards have words, images (nice photographic ones), or initial sounds/blends. So you can match images by beginning sound, find objects to match a beginning sound, find words to match objects... etc., etc. The last set is the Sight Words set. This one has 118 double-sided cards and a guide with ideas. Cards include a complete set of Dolch words taken from pre-primer, primer and 1st grade lists AND they are color-coded by parts of speech. The set also includes extra word and punctuation cards. Sentence building, anyone?

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Item # 043087
Grades: PK-3
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