Marshmallow Shooters & Strykers

Stock up on those mini marshmallows - the rapid fire, air propelled Marshmallow Shooter can hold 25 mini marshmallows. With a pump and shoot style, this shooter will send the marshmallows over 30 feet! Tricks to using marshmallows - ways to avoid having them clog up the barrel and magazine and such are outlined in the instructions. Marshmallow Shooters are available in a single pack (1 shooter) or a Twin Pack (2 shooters). Accessories such as extra magazines and simulated laser sights can be ordered from the manufacturer.

Strykers are smaller versions of Marshmallow shooters. These hold 11 mini marshmallows and can shoot them up to 20 feet. Both Shooters and Strykers are available in Camo style (camouflage pattern) or the original red and blue style.

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Item # 033876
Grades: 3-AD
Retail: $24.99
Our Price: $21.50
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