Apples to Apples

When this sample arrived, our game testing department - (Steph and I) - sat down to try it out. We recruited one of our friends, read the directions, and started playing. It was a blast! It had us all laughing within minutes. Claiming we hadn't quite gotten the full effect because we'd only played with 3 people, we talked Mom into joining us for a little while. Even after she had to leave, we continued playing until we ran out of cards. It was the most entertaining new game I'd played in a long time. There are two different kinds of cards; green apple cards and red apple cards. Players all draw seven red apple cards, which feature a wide variety of nouns. These might include: "William Shakespeare," "a locker room," "worms," "Babe Ruth," "mud," "windsurfing," "the Green Bay Packers," "silk," "baby showers," "the Great Depression," "a sunset," "chimpanzees," "doing the dishes," "computers," "your hair," "Cleopatra," and "mirrors." Then one person starts off being the judge, and flips over one of the green apple cards, which each have an adjective, such as "creative," "awkward," "obnoxious," "funny," "perfect," "distinguished," "fabulous," "inspiring," and many more. These are also defined at the bottom, so players can expand their vocabularies as a bonus. Everyone except the judge chooses a card out of their hand that best fits that adjective. Then the judge decides which one matches best. The results are hilarious, as sometimes none of your cards really fit the adjective at all, and you end up with a far-fetched comparison. The person whose card won gets to keep the green card, and everyone pulls a new red card to keep seven in their hand at all times. Play passes to the left. Whoever reaches the chosen amount of green cards first wins. Or, if you're like us, you wait until you run out of adjective cards to decide who wins. It recommends 4 - 8 players, and when you get 6 or more players, another twist is added. If you are the last one to lay your card down, it doesn't get judged. So now you have to be creative and quick! And if you have some great ideas, make some of your own cards to add to the fun. Hope you have as much fun with this one as we did. - Melissa

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Item # 025450
Grades: 4-AD
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