Bright & Beyond Activity Card Packs

These activity card decks make it so easy to find an exciting, fun, and easy-to-pull-off activity to do with your little ones! Each deck contains 52 cards, each featuring a different activity. The cards are very easy to use and include the name of the activity on both sides of the card, an animated, full-color illustration of the activity on the front, and a simple but informative description of how to do the activity on the back of the card. The basic skills reinforced by the activity are also listed prominently, right beneath the activity name on each card. Im very impressed both by the range of activities and the relative lack of prep-time (like you need any of that with little ones underfoot)! I know from experience that kids will LOVE doing most of these activities (especially the ones involving "hands-on" art). Plus, the supplies are minimal, and theres very little set-up time required. All activities rely on the use of common, around-the-house items, kitchen supplies, and a few toys, and its very easy to substitute in similar items for things you may not have at hand. Plus, activities are all developmentally-appropriate and practice skills that children are normally learning at that age in a fun, hands-on way. Although most activities would work best at home, there are a few you can "take with you" on the road as well. As an added bonus, the cards are sturdy, laminated, and very portable!

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Item # 008210
Grades: PK-K
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